Hey all… My blog contains the stuffs that i looked into and explored.. Mostly about technology and i am sharing some of my experiences which i guess can be helpful to many  people out there, as well us be helpful to myself in the future….

My name is Swaroop.. I’m a student pursuing my Masters in Computers in Bangalore, IN.. I’m also a freelance web developer… Love free and open source technologies…. Also a music lover and Guitarist…


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  1. I got a mysql table which has large data,– Example: Student 1: Name, Email Student 2: Name, Email……..
    1. i want to display different student data in different places in a single webpage – example : Rightside top student 1 data, Leftside top student 2 data…..

    • Create appropriate div’s with id’ such as: student1, student2, student3 etc…
      And while you display each data using jquery/ajax for loop, use the increment value specify the appropriate ids
      Consider you are displaying data that echos json
      $.post(“json.php”, function(data){
      var obj=$.parseJSON(data);
      for(var i=0;i<obj.length;i++){
      $("#student"+i).html("Student Name: "+obj.stu_name+"
      Email: ” +obj.stu_email”).show();

      So now: if you have scattered your div ids i.e, divs with id=student1, student2 etc… The data will be displayed in these appropriate places.

      Cheers 🙂

  2. Swaroop, thanks for quick reply, appreciated
    I am not a technical person
    I am generating html code by using MS publisher
    I need complete code to insert in iframe (so that i can insert code where ever data required to be displayed), kindly help

    • Inside your body tag, include divs with ids wherever it is required.. or it would be great if you could share your html file so taht I get a clean understanding! Which server-sided technology are you using by the way?

  3. Great Work!!!!!, Dear this blog solved my problem that i was facing 5-7 days and was so much fed up to quit developing things.

      • dear would you like to share me ur email? so that i may ask you any questions problems where i stuck and no more good results?
        if you happliy agreed, then its ok otherwise i dont want to bother you.

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