Adding your website to google

You have hosted your website online and you search it in google…. You will be really surprised if u do not find it on google… Right??…. Then what you do….

Your site has to be registered in google search engine if you wish to see the result…. You can do this by specifying it in the google webmaster tools provided by google…

Just sign in with your google account and go to and add your site….. Once you add it you are required to verify whether that website belongs to u or not… There are several instructions provided such as adding a meta tag to your webpages or by adding a file provided by google webmasters such as: [googlee2cf84c6de39a3e2.html] or similar and visiting this particular page… for eg.,

Once you visit this your website has been verified and successfully added to search results of the google search engine….

Now your website is registered, and in the webmasters tools you can find a couple of tools for optimizing the searches and much more…….

That’s it…