Why use Dropbox

The world is saying “Cloud Computing!!”. Today you always carry a pendrive in your pocket.. Data is a very valuable thing, and having a mechanism to port that data is even more necessary… Consider you are a student and you have stored some important notes  in your pendrive and you want to show it to your teacher.. You leave your pendrive at home… An option would be going back to your home and get the pendrive… On your visit back home which is some miles away from your college, you get to know that your cousin who is at home has formatted your pendrive and as a result all your data is lost…. And unfortunately you do not have a copy of this data in your PC.. You also haven’t uploaded these files into your mail because you did not have the patience to upload it…. But right now the odds are against you!!! Your data is lost!!

You also would have saved your files in multiple computers and in order to fetch these data you’ve got to insert your pendrive each time as you operate these systems and get the data which is pretty time consuming….. Well, you don’t have to worry for all these problems caused!! DROPBOX is the solution to all of these…

So what is Dropbox??

Dropbox is a service that gives you cloud storage that allows you to store and share files on the internet that uses file synchronization… It’s very simple to use…

You as a student will have several notes which you’ll be needing it to show to your teacher the next day and you drop these files on to dropbox and your files are on the internet which you can easily retrieve it and show it to your teacher….

You have a presentation prepared in your laptop and you have a few audio recordings in your main desktop PC and would like to merge it… you put these onto your laptop’s and desktop’s dropbox and it’s on the internet… Also you make any changes it’s automatically updated as well, you dont have to again drop it! Isn’t that a cool way to share files in so many circumstances that you face every day….

Well now let’s see how we can get started.. You will be needing to install dropbox on your computer that you are using.. You can get the latest version from dropbox.com that you are to free to download.. Go ahead, download and install it in your system

Once installed, you need to set it up.. You need to register into the dropbox site by entering your name, email etc… Once you are done with it, select the initial space that you require for dropbox to reserve.. After this step dropbox wil ask to make a local dropbox folder on your system where you sync all your files and folders.. Once done with it, you are finished with the local installation….

Once the service is running, copy and paste some files onto your local dropbox folder in your main PC…  It’s possible to set your dropbox on your laptop or your android, iphone, blackberry etc mobile devices and sync your files using dropbox which makes it really convenient for you.. When you update any of the files in your dropbox it’s updated everywhere that is using the dropbox service… that is., you will see the folders in ur local PC dropbox folder appearing on ur laptop and your mobiles as well… This is the power of dropbox…

Also open your web browser and navigate to dropbox.com and get into your dropbox account…. You will see all your files available there as well… See you didn’t upload a file(s) going to the dropbox site… You just pasted the files on to your dropbox folder in your system and it was made available on the internet… Isn’t that a really cool!!

Although if your main PC crashes, your files are still available on your laptop and your mobile device… 🙂

So go ahead and try out and make the best use of dropbox….


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