Installing LAMP on ubuntu

LAMP – Linux Apache Mysql Php

If you are thinking of web development and you are a free and open source software lover, then LAMP is the ideal tool for you in developing high-ended dynamic web applications…

Here, i’ll show you how to install LAMP on a Linux system that is running the Ubuntu flavor OS…..

So let’s get started…….

  • Install Apache 

We install Apache first – which is the web server.

Open the terminal by: ctrl+alt+t and copy, paste the following command in your terminal:

sudo apt-get install apache2

Enter the password to grant administrative privileges and press enter….

In order to test whether apache is running or not open your web browser and type:


You will see a default folder, open it and you’ll see the message: It Works!  Continue reading


Creating a simple web page for smart phones using jquery mobile

Android, iPhone, blackberry etc…, these are the things that you often hear when some speaks about phones.. And moreover you spend more time browsing for mails and accessing some web applications on your mobile phones rather than your PC’s… Also as a web developer/designer you always keep the cross-browser constraint in your mind… And when it comes to accessing web applications on your mobile devices it’s a much more pain.. You always think of having something that is more light-weight and is both cross-platform and cross-device…
Well with jquery mobile framework, these constraints are resolved…

jquery mobile is a framework that provides a rich user interface for all popular mobile device platforms and most of all, it is light-weight and flexible.. it also has a rich set of widgets and styling that are easily made available for users… All you have to do is to include the jquery mobile library and a set of stylesheets are available at… Alternatively you can also specify.,

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

So that’s what you are required to include in your webpage…. Now let’s get started by creating a simple ui webpage…

Since jquery mobile is an HTML-5 based user interface, much of the traits are derived from HTML-5…

Consider Mr. Swaroop would like to have a small web app on his phone which shows him a summary of his To-Do lists and some of his weekend plans and he wants it in the following format….

Let’s design this using our jquery mobile now….  Continue reading

Why use Dropbox

The world is saying “Cloud Computing!!”. Today you always carry a pendrive in your pocket.. Data is a very valuable thing, and having a mechanism to port that data is even more necessary… Consider you are a student and you have stored some important notes  in your pendrive and you want to show it to your teacher.. You leave your pendrive at home… An option would be going back to your home and get the pendrive… On your visit back home which is some miles away from your college, you get to know that your cousin who is at home has formatted your pendrive and as a result all your data is lost…. And unfortunately you do not have a copy of this data in your PC.. You also haven’t uploaded these files into your mail because you did not have the patience to upload it…. But right now the odds are against you!!! Your data is lost!!

You also would have saved your files in multiple computers and in order to fetch these data you’ve got to insert your pendrive each time as you operate these systems and get the data which is pretty time consuming….. Well, you don’t have to worry for all these problems caused!! DROPBOX is the solution to all of these…

So what is Dropbox??

Dropbox is a service that gives you cloud storage that allows you to store and share files on the internet that uses file synchronization… It’s very simple to use… Continue reading

Insert data into MySQL using php, jquery, Ajax

This is a simple example for inserting data into a mysql database using php as the server-sided programming language.. This uses ajax via jquery for inserting the records… For those of you who do not know what jquery is – jquery is a javascript library with a lot of functions which lets u write less code, which is highly efficient .. You can download this latest version at the website… So let’s get started…

  • Construct Database:
We Create a Database called zwaroop. Add a new table myTable with fields: ID as INT, Name as VARCHAR(50),    Email as VARCHAR(50).
For those who are using LAMP, WAMP, XAMPP etc.. this is straight forward… Go ahead to your web browser and navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin, which is a GUI that allows you to construct your database as quickly as possible.

So far we have.,

Database Name: zwaroop

Table Name: myTable

Field Names: ID, Name, Email

  • Create home.php file
This is our basic html page that the user will be viewing it…
<title>zwaroop's home</title></pre>
<!-- include jquery library file-->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<label>ID: </label> <input id="ID" type="text" />
<label>Name: </label> <input id="Name" type="text" />
<label>E-Mail: </label> <input id="Email" type="text" />
<a id="insert" title="Insert Data" href="#">Push into mysql</a>
 <!-- For displaying a message -->

<div id="message"></div>
  • Create insert.php file:
Create a page called insert.php, this page include all the server-sided code for inserting data into our mysql database. Assume our front-end html page consists of 3 input boxes that takes the ID, Name and Email… So here we go,